Application Development

At Two95 International (Two95) we have assembled a closely knit team of analysts, architects and software engineers who have, over the years, built large scale business critical platforms. Our experience in application development covers cloud based solutions to iOS and Android mobile based applications. Simply put, we have the capability to deploy subject matter experts to execute any turnkey solution or work seamlessly as a member of your team.

Application Migration and Integration

Two95 can assist in either migrating and/or integrating third-party applications as required, or if the need arises, provision additional functionality and capabilities, in short, saving you hours of development time and money.

Application Maintenance

When it comes to your existing applications, Two95 can operate, maintain and support them, freeing up your IT resources to pursue new development and helping your budgeting team to lock in on predictable monthly costs.

Application Enhancements

When it comes to your legacy systems, Two95 can also provide software enhancements and improvements on a just-in-time basis, helping your core IT team to focus on more current technologies.

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